Embracing all forms of image making; polaroids, film, digital, and smart phone, Calvin Coloma places the impact of the overall image at the helm rather than resolution and sharpness.  Always known to discard trends and and popular demand, he has carved his own style and wonderment in his work.


"If a smartphone image contains pixels and a polaroid does not, what makes one superior over the other?"


Born in Los Angeles, Calvin's interest in photography began in his teens.  He borrowed his uncle's film viewfinder learning how to create images through experimentation.   While serving in the US Air Force, Calvin furthered his learning by purchasing his own camera and enrolled in a class at UC Berkeley.  Understanding the fundamentals and mechanics of black & white darkroom photography, he spent hours in the darkroom perfecting his prints.  Then a new technology came in the early 2000's; enter digital photography and digital manipulation.  Fast forward and we now have the smart phone.


"Pushing each medium to convey a story, an emotion, a memory, is the ultimate goal."