Artist Statement:

My digital photography work reflects my interests in outdoor textures, light, and composition as well as still life studies in relation to nature. I am nostalgic for the photographic darkroom techniques that influences my hand-crafted aesthetic.

In my previous fashion photography work, I developed an editorial style that was desaturated with a ghostly soft focus and textures using several distressed layers. Favoring the look of aged paper photographs, I continued to explore these ideas in my current work.

My use of dark shadows and lucid compositions are a reflection of my ongoing battle with PTSD and depression; however, my color palate infuses the imagery with a sense of connection and presence.

Continuing to convey emotion using subdued colors, bokeh, and distressed layers in my dream-like compositions, I have future projects exploring abstraction with the use of objects from nature, as well as trips to Greenland and Iceland to photograph the glaciers and melting ice caps.