365 Days by calvin coloma


     In a couple of weeks will mark one year from my visit to Iceland.  I have fond memories of driving around the Golden Circle and visiting geysirs and waterfalls and seeing the dramatic change of the landscape.  I am excited to announce that I will be exhibiting those images in several art shows scheduled this year.  It has been a labour of love planning this adventurous trip solo, and trekking around the Icelandic country photographing raw beauty.  I extend my invitation for you to come to one of my shows so you can experience why everyone on social media is talking about Iceland.  


"V" as in Viktor by calvin coloma

2018-03-03 10.25.27.jpg


     Introducing my new assistant VIKTOR, named after my mother VELMA, who just passed last month. 

     People would ask her,  “How do you spell your name?” She’d reply in a Pinay accent, “B” as in Bictor,



“A.” I used to roll my eyes as a kid hearing my mother spell her name to strangers all the time. It was kind of embarrassing listening to that “fresh off the boat” accent although she’s been here in Los Angeles for decades, seemingly not shaking her roots of the Philippines 🇵🇭.


     As an adult hearing these exchange of words now is just matter of fact, which I’ve accepted without judgement of origin, culture, or hierarchy. It’s just my mother spelling her name in her way, and making new friends along the way. 

I miss you mother.

jökulsárlón, iceland by calvin coloma

     Just as I was getting well adjusted to Iceland, my week long trip was coming to an end.  I found my self dumbfounded in awe, (for lack of a better description), at the amount of pressure and forces that tear the island apart (tectonic plates and volcanoes), and the freezing temperatures of glaciers that regulate the climate for the rest of the world.


From Reykjavík, the beautiful capitol city on the western coast, I drove to the far south-east to Jökuslárlón, a glacier lagoon that spills into the Atlantic Ocean. I spent hours driving alone in the pristine countryside, on the only major highway that encompasses the country.  Finally I have arrived at the lagoon.  64.0784° N, 16.2306° W is its coordinates.  For me its the beginning and the end in an endless cycle; infinity.  It is the end of winter here with spring around the corner.   Birth, death, and rebirth.  


     I already planned on taking 20 polaroids of the ice flows.  The images were in my head, even before i got here.  However, I did not plan on the worst weather to happen on this leg of my trip.  High winds and rain persisted as I approached the lot of cars parked up ahead.  Excited as ever to have finally arrived, I got out of my rental car and stepped forward towards the edge to survey the scene.  


I am here.